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7 Days Lemosho Route - Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Royal Tour 2022.

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The Lemosho Route is considered the most scenic trail on Kilimanjaro, granting panoramic vistas on various sides of the mountain. As [royal-tour] the newer Routes, Lemosho is a superb choice for your climb. It is our preferred Route due to its ideal balance of low crowds, beautiful scenery and a high summit success rate. Climb and Safari Tours® specializes in guiding on the Lemosho Route. Most of our clients climb Kilimanjaro using this Route and they consistently report that they loved it. Thus, Lemosho is highly recommended.
the Route traverses underneath Kilimanjaro's Southern Ice Field on a path known as the Southern Circuit before summiting from Barafu. Descent is made via the Mweka Route. Kilimanjaro Royal Tour CO L.T.D offers Lemosho as an eight day group climb or as a seven to eight day private climb. The seven day variation combines days five and six, going from Barranco Camp to Barafu Camp without staying at Karanga.
Day 0

DAY 0 - Arrival Day - Kilimanjaro Airport

You will be picked up at Kilimanjaro Airport in Tanzania by our transfer driver and taken to the White House in Moshi. The rest of the day will be free. Relax at the pool or explore the small town of Moshi. There will be a pre-departure briefing on what can be expected over the next days and a gear check at the hotel before tour start. You’ll dine at the lodge and get a necessary good night’s sleep.

Day 01

DAY 1 - Moshi/Arusha – Londorossi Gate – Big Tree Camp

Londorossi Gate to Mti Mkubwa

Elevation: 7,742 ft to 9,498 ft

Distance: 6 km/4 miles

Hiking Time: 3-4 hours

Habitat: Rain Forest

We depart Moshi for Londorossi Gate, which takes about 4 hours, where you will complete entry formalities. Then drive to the Lemosho trailhead. Upon arrival at trailhead, we begin hiking through undisturbed forest which winds to the first camp site.

Day 02

DAY 2 - Big Tree Camp – Shira Camp 2

Mti Mkubwa to Shira 1 Camp

Elevation: 9,498 ft to 11,500 ft

Distance: 8 km/ 5miles

Hiking Time 5-6 hours

Habitat: Health

We continue on the trail leading out of the rain forest and into a savannah of tall grasses, heather and volcanic rock draped with lichen beards. As we ascend through the lush rolling hills and cross several streams, we reach the Shira Ridge before dropping gently down to Shira 1 Camp. Here we catch our first glimpse of Kibo across the plateau.

Day 03

DAY 3 - Shira Camp 2 – Lava Tower – Barranco Camp

Start: Shira Camp 2 (3900 m)

Finish: Barranco Camp (3960 m)

Altitude: ↑740m ↓ 680 m

Walking Time: 6-7h

You will gain 700m in altitude but descend to sleep at Barranco – 60 m higher than last night’s camp. This will help with acclimatisation as you will go up to 4600 m before descending again. Today begins with a long uphill in the direction of the Lava Tower Hut (4640m) and you will notice how the landscape changes to a rocky alpine desert. Later, the path descends again to the Barranco Valley with its giant Senecias and Lobelias. After six to seven hours you should arrive at the most beautiful camp on the mountain – the Barranco

Day 04

DAY 4 - Barranco Camp – Karanga Camp

Start: Barranco Camp (3960 m)

Finish: Karanga Camp (4035 m)

Altitude: ↑ 100 m ↓ 25 m

Walking Time: 3-4h

Today will start with the daunting Barranco Wall. Soon you will realize it looks worse than it actually is, but there are tricky sections where you will need to hold on tight. Admire the views from the top. The rest of the Route follows along the mountain ridge into the Karanga valley and out. You reach Karanga Camp after lunch and you will have fantastic views of the southern glacier of Kibo as well as of the Kibo summit.

Day 05

DAY 5 - Karanga Camp – Barafu Camp

Start: Karanga Camp (4035 m)

Finish: Barafu Camp (4640 m)

Altitude: ↑ 605 m

Walking Time: 3-4h

A few hours hiking through desolate and rocky moon-like landscape lies ahead. It will be a relatively easy day leading steadily uphill. The goal for today is the Barafu campsite on a narrow ridge in full view of Mawenzi peak. You will walk along a trail that passes through the afro-alpine dessert until you reach your destination for today –Barafu Camp at 4640 m. Use the rest of the day to relax and pack your daypack for tonight’s summit attempt. Supper will be served early; drink and eat enough if you can and try to sleep. You will be woken up around midnight to start your walk to the summit.

Day 06

DAY 6 - Barafu Camp – Uhuru Peak – Mweka Camp

Start: Barafu Camp (4640 m)

Finish: Uhuru Peak (5895 m) – Mweka Camp (3080 m)

Altitude: ↑ 1255 m ↓ 2815 m

Walking Time: 10-14

It is dark and cold as you set off just after midnight. You will climb the frozen volcanic dust by headlamp going towards Stella Point on the crater rim – about six hours. The sun should be rising when you arrive here. Just an hour or two more and you will be standing on the highest point of the crater: Uhuru peak. On top of the world! Take a short break for pictures and celebratory hugs before you tackle the steep and dusty descent. By now the volcanic ash will have thawed… You will stop for a short tea break at Barafu and then continue downhill for about three hours to Mweka camp (3080 m). This is your overnight stop. Refuel by drinking lots of fluids and have a good helping at supper time.

Day 07

DAY 7 - Mweka Camp (3080 m) – Mweka Gate (1630 m) – Arusha

Start: Mweka Camp (3080 m)

Finish: Mweka Gate (1630 m)

Altitude: ↓ 1450 m

Walking Time: 2-3h

A traditional farewell ceremony from the porters begins the day. After about three hours of comfortably descending through the greenness of the forest, you should reach Mweka gate where the driver will be waiting. Back at the lodge, a hot shower, cold drinks, a debrief and your certificate of achievement are waiting. Well done!

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